Beaded bead

I was doubting whether my store-bought beads would suffice, so I decided to try something I'd read about but never done - making a be4aded bead, which is to say, stitching little beads together to make a bigger bead. The above shows my results thus far. They are taking about an hour each to make. Each charm has three different size beads in it, from my stash, ranging from seed beads to 6mm beads. They look more symmetrical in real life, they are a little angled in my scanner bed.


Shelly Schmidt said...

Where did you get that pattern? I love your charm- what will you do with them? The would make great scissor fobs! TFS

Teresa Kline said...

your are super talented from gazing around your blog....luv your style!

enjoy *~*

Susan said...

LOVE the beaded beads, make a tutorial, will ya? LOL they are lovely, hope i get one in the swap.

Donna said...

Your beaded beads are fantastic!! Would love to learn how to make them. Learning, I'm sure, would definitely take me more than one hour each. Can/will you give out instructions. I want one. Thank you, Juliet, for sharing.