Digital Tri Shutter ATC

When I was making the tri shutter card, it occurred to me that I was doing it the hard way – it would be much easier to decorate the pages before I folded them. Taking it to the next logical step, it occurred to me that the tri shutter ATC could be created digitally, 3 to a page, and then all I would need to do is cut them out and fold them.

I just downloaded some beautiful digital papers from The Sum of All Crafts this morning, so I used a piece for the base of my card. The Sum of All Crafts has downloads every day, and a few days ago, some vintage nude bodybuilders were posted to the site. All of Valerie’s subscribers got very excited and wanted to do a swap using these images. I was all for doing a male nude swap too, but I’m not so big a fan of vintage images, so I googled some hotties and worked with those.

You would think that it would be simple to just plaster my digital base with images, but it does take some thought. You have to consider how the card will look closed, as well as open, and you have to make sure the elements don’t crease in the wrong places. I was very concerned that the guys on my card would look like they were playing with each other. That could be interesting in a different way, but it was not the look I was going for.

Anyway, as I was finishing and cutting this ATC, I remembered why I don’t like doing digital ATCs. There really is no point to printing and mailing them. I could just as easily send you the digital file and let you print and cut them out yourself.

So, here is the deal. Here is a digital representation of the card closed. If you want to see the complete tri shutter ATC, you have to email me for the file, print it out yourself, and cut and score it. It is a 7.5” x 3.5” jpg, 200 dpi, and I don’t have the copyright to any of the images (in case you were wondering).