Cup of Joe and flower

Cup of joe and flower is the name of a tutorial by Michelle Zindorf. My friend, Cat, is taking one of her brayer workshops next month, and asked me if I'd like to come along. Since we are talking about Florida, and I'm in Virginia, this was going to be an insanely impractical proposition (not even considering the fact that the class itself is about $150). I had just done the Tim Holtz 12 tags tuts, and suggested that if I really wanted to learn Zindorf technique, I could do just as well to apply myself as diligently to her tuts as I did Tims' rather than traveling all that way. Somehow that became a challenge for us to do Zindorf tuts in the New Year. This is the first one, chosen by Cat.

This is an ATC. It was either this tiny flower and cup (TAC stamps), or a really huge cup and flower, and I have much more use for the ATC than a huge card. Frankly, I didn't like this tut very much - I think it is not one of her better ones. First of all, if you look at the original tut, she uses a detail flower stamp, and a bold cup stamp - I don't like combining styles that way. Second, she drew coffee in the cup. People will put flowers in a coffee cup, but not in their coffee!

Anyway, this was my first time using the clear embossing powder as a mask for an image, and I think I learned a lot by doing the process, not just reading about it. Now it is my turn to pick a tut. I'm going to pick a brayer tut. That is the point, after all. I'm supposed to learn all the things Michelle would teach us in a brayer workshop.

It happens that this is also the challenge at the Ildi Co blog right now, to use scraps and metal on a card. No full sheets of cardstock were harmed in the making of this card (Not that I need to be stingy, I'm just saying).

Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

Hey friend- I am up late making my challenge card for the free digi.....Oh I love your Zindorf floral cup of Joe! I do have to say0 i have taken 2 of Michelle's workshops- Beginner and Advanced, and am signed up again for May. She is delightful- you get like $60.00 worth of free stuff too. I think you and Cat will have a fabulous time- do it Juliet!!! Two things- you need to use coated paper for good results with the brayer, and keep your pinky up- as in not hold the brayer like you hold a wheel....hold it by the handle........ I cannot wait to see what you make!

JayLynn said...

Very pretty! I love that image!! The clear embossing looks great. Thanks for playing along at ICCC.

Beach Cat ! said...

Well done, my friend. I thought of the flower as more of a decoration to the cup, kind of like a slice of orange. The versamark as a mask is an interesting thing to try, isn't it! I am glad I dragged you out of your comfort zone and you made this one look great. I am afraid I have some pretty fierce competition if I want to try to keep up with you! As soon as I finish my coffee ( without a flower, I might add,) I am off to see which tut you have chosen for our next challenge. I am proud of you for learning something from Zindorf tuts that you were " not supposed to learn."