Again with the hair

Ben got tired of how awful his dreadlocks were looking (it takes a while before they fully lock), so he decided braids would be good enough.  I do like the braids better, but they have to be removed and redone every couple of weeks, and it takes  two to three hours to do.  I will say that teasing the hair before braiding it makes the braids hold better.  He is sleeping in a shower cap to reduce fraying, but it still gets fuzzy.

Why don't teenagers ever smile?

Juliet Arrighi


Danise said...

My boy(he's thirty 1)has red hair.Ben is a good looking boy!
you better put up a barb-wire fence,the girls will be after him.

Shelly Schmidt said...

My son keeps his hair nice and in the summer- I wonder how he would look with braids- you must be very patient!!!

Vicky said...

Handsome son you have Juliet :) it's only hair biggie :)