Maya road bird

I had so much fun doing the Mary Engelbreit chipboard teapots that I had to join another chipboard shape book swap. This swap is for the Maya Road Bird chipboard coaster books, which the swap host found on sale for only a dollar a book. Each book has six pages and the first page has diecuts. We are to keep the diecut page and the ball chain that connects the whole book, and decorate the other five pages to swap.

This is what I have so far:

The other pages look a lot like this, with slightly different doodling and coloring. The detail coloring is done with glitter pans. The background paint job is done with metallic paints, so it looks a little different in real life - glitter and metallic paints don't scan well.

What I am wondering is whether I've done enough. Will a few layers of paint, some doodling, and some glitter qualify this page as complete, or do I need to add some deeply dimensional elements to add texture? Is the doodling enough, or should I add more detailing?

If I were sending it to you, would you be pleased?

Juliet Arrighi


Chris said...

I loved those teapots and this bird is cool too! can't wait to see all of it!

Vicky said...

very nice, looks like leather.I think if your happy with it , others will be too. It has a rustic look .

WW said...

I always ask that same question when I'm making things for a swap. I'm in this swap as well, my birds aren't finished yet, but they're coming along nicely.
I like your bird, personally I'd like a little more color, but that's just my opinion, it's a very gorgeous bird. I love how you took into account the pop-out wing on the cover.

Myrna said...

If I was receiving this bird I would be very pleased. Love his coloring and he really does look like leather.