Easter eggs

I was making deviled eggs last night, when I realized that I did not show you my family's Easter eggs.  It's a little late, but I think it is still worth seeing some of the ones I have left.

These eggs were done by my 19yo daughter.  She was experimenting with masking tape, trying to make plaid eggs.  It was a very ambitious attempt, and I don't think she was very happy about how they turned out.

These were done by my 14yo son.  For the egg on the left, he used masking tape to keep the eye white while he dyed the rest of the egg purple.  He then colored in the details with a glaze gelly pen, not realizing how long they take to dry (which is why it is a little smeared.  For the Rasta egg on the right, he first dyed the whole egg yellow, then patiently dipped and held each end in place to add the red and green.  The Lion (of Zion) was drawn last.
These eggs were done by my husband, or at least the one on the left is (the one on the right might also be by my daughter, I'm not sure).  He likes the crayon resist method.  After coloring the stripes, he submerged the egg in dye, then slowly removed it for the ombre effect.  The one on the right is also a resist method - dots of yellow glaze gelly pen were allowed to dry completely (which is why I think my husband did it), then the egg was died blue.
I did not use any resist techniques this year.  The egg on the left was died, then colored with tiny dots of souffle pen (souffles dry opaque).  It was very hard to keep from smearing the ink before it dried.  The other egg was doodled over with a fine tip of a marker.  This was really hard to do on an egg, and was also prone to smearing.

It took the four of us over an hour to color 18 eggs, and now you can see why.

Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

So the entire family is artistic......! Awesome eggs.

Vicky said...

what fun :) looks like your artistic family all got into decorating eggs interesting results, very nice. My 2 yo grandson made two eggs fit in one tiny coloring cup,egg salad was made by him..lol.. :)

Vicky said...
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