Bra hat

I haven't made a lot of cards lately, but I did make this hat:
It's a terrible photo of me - I suppose I could have put on a bit of lipstick or something.  The hat is made from a brassiere.  I need it for an event I am attending this weekend - everyone will be wearing bra hats for Sunday brunch.  These are the sort of ladies I am hanging with these days.

Juliet Arrighi

Tim Tag March 2014

I haven't been doing the Tim Holtz monthly tags, but the one this month has an interesting technique called "smudge stamping", in which you deliberately smudge a detailed stamp.  I thought I would give it a try.
The bird he uses on his tag reminded me to the birds in the all for love stamp set from AMuse Studio, so I gave them a try.  I didn't like it at first, but the more I look at it, the more it is growing on me.
Juliet Arrighi

Layered Goosebumps ATC

I was excited to see the Technique Junkies ATC swap brought back to life by Shelly Schmidt, one of the most talented stampers I've had the pleasure to swap with.  I struggled to pick a technique to start with, until I noticed the Layered Goosebumps technique in the listings.  I had purchased a bottle of Goosebumps spray a while back, but had not had the opportunity to use it.
The mica powder in the goosebumps spray is scanning as grey splotches, but in real life, these are very textured and shimmery.  The apha punches are another thing I don't use as often as I should, but I have to admit that it is often difficult to glue them and place them in a straight line.  I also have to admit that in my basement, that backing cardstock that I also used for the letters looked black.  Sometimes things don't come out the way you plan...

The rose stamps is from a springtime day set from AMuse Studio.  It's one of the few flowers I have that isn't a solid stamp but looks fine just stamped in black.  Sometimes that is all you want.


Juliet Arrighi

Bouquet in a Box

I wanted to make something really special for my sister's birthday, so when I saw the directions for this card on Extreme Cards and Papercrafts, I knew I had to give it a try:
I used all kinds of flower and leaf punches and dies, and the sentiment is from amuse studio.  The card folds flat and fits in a 6x6 envelope.


Juliet Arrighi

Letter writing 4x4

This is a 4x4 that I made for my altereddesigns yahoogroup.  the theme is letter writing as a background, and it should be no surprise to you that the vast majority of the ladies playing are using fancy script with images of Victorian ladies or the Tim Holtz pen nibs.  I hate making what everyone else is making, so I went a completely different direction:
 The school photos and the math worksheet are printed off the internet.  The notebook paper is actually a cardsock pattern from AMuse Studio.  You may wonder why I would buy cardstock that looks like notebook paper when I have tons of the real thing, but now that I've used some of it, I have to say, it is much easier to work with (real notebook paper is translucent and fragile), it isn't white but a cream color, perfect for a vintage look like this, and it takes media much better than real notebook paper, which was only designed for pen and pencil.the stark white of the math worksheet was too extreme for the rest of the piece, so I used some milled lavender distress ink to tone it down, and I threw in a few hearts (from AMuse Studio all for love stamp set) because, well, it is a love story.


Juliet Arrighi

Crystal heart

This evening I made a little crystal heart necklace from a  pattern I found online:

It came to together fairly easily.  I was feeling too lazy to try to thread two beading needles, so I used tiger tail.  it wasn't bad doing right angle weave with tiger tail, and the ends came out at the perfect spot that I could thread on the lighter pink beads to make it into a necklace.  There was only one problem - running the tiger tail through the beads caused it to curl much like curling ribbon does, and it won't hang straight as a pendant.  I tried running it though straightening pliers, and hanging a weight on it to stretch it (I don't have enough time between now and valentine's day for that to work, even if it would work eventually).  I hate the idea of unstringing all those seed beads to thread it some other way - any suggestions?
Juliet Arrighi

Double kissed ATC

DISCLAIMER - my shift key is busted.  If it isn't on the first row or accessible with my capslock, I can't type it.

Kissing techniques - the first one I was forced into.  Too much colorwash spray on one piece of watercolor paper inspired me to 'kiss' it to another piece to spread the ink around a bit.  Once I had kissing on the brain, I had to try kissing my stamps, too.  The solid bird is from nordic noel by AMuse Studio, and the leafy branch which I used both for the kissing and for stamping around the edges is bird on a flowering branch by SweetStamps.

I used a waterbrush to drag the ink on the leaves around, and a tiny bead of embossing frames the image.

Challenges -
Ugh - I need a new keyboard...

Juliet Arrighi