Happy Happy Birthday - Treasure Box

This is the first time I've made a small Treasure Box card in its original size, but I didn't really have a choice - the balloon goes to the edges on three sides.
I had to draw in the details of the dog myself, but I'm not crazy about it, and I blame that on the diecut - where are the front paws?I suppose I could have made some myself, but really - it's just a small gift enclosure card, who is studying the dog to see how many legs he has?

Well, besides you guys, of course...

I like the holographic shreds and the vellum piece on this card.


Shelly Schmidt said...

I love your sweet card- and the pup- looks good whether 2 or 4 legged! Awwww- that is the problem with just having SVG's or die cuts for me- I cannot draw well! Love the accents you added!