I used to hate doodling. I think there was something wrong with my hand, or maybe the way I was using it - I was grabbing too hard, pushing too hard, or something - and it would cramp up before anything interesting happened on the paper. It was a big problem with my schoolwork, too; my hand would get so tired so fast, I would write the absolute minumum possible.

I don't know why things are different now. I like making things, and especially drawing things. I can't do it well, but I like doing it anyway.

This is a card I made, with a zentangle in the middle. It's a lot of hand work, but the zen part of zentangle is that you are supposed to consider filling in the small repetitive a soothing and meditative exercise. It is, if you let it be one. Never do a zentangle when you are pressed for time.

The background of the card was made by running the black cardstock through and embossing folder, then brayering on metallic ink, then repeating the process with a different folder and ink.