Pink, Orange, and Green Inchies

These are not as special as I would have hoped. I created the pink, orange and green backgrounds digitally and printed them out. Then I was stuck trying to figure out how to embellish them. I had a small word handy, so I embossed it on there. Then I tried adding some doodling with my glitter pens, but I have to say, toner resists pens, and the glitter certainly doesn't scan very well. These look tons better in real life.

Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

Once i get the new computer up and running, I will have to try some of your digital projects- I would love it if you posted mini-tutorials so us less brilliant stampers could try this......!

Beach Cat ! said...

YOu might get me making inchies yet ... I think these are adorable.