Technique ATCs

I'm a little behind on my swaps, so I've been working on some technique ATCs.

The background on this one is called Sanded Coredinations. Coredinations is a line of cardstock with a colored core. When you dry emboss it and sand away the raised portions, the color shows through. It may not be obvious in the scan, but the core is pink. I've been sanding white core cardstock for years, but having colored core cardstock is a fun twist.

The little rose was made be me using the directions I found in Chris's site, but I used pink crepe paper instead of cardstock. I think the pink crepe paper was very nice for this style of paper flower. I will give the advice that too tight or regular of a spiral does not make a better flower.

This card started with a technique called Rubber Rubbing, and it is exactly what it sounds like - making a crayon rubbing over a rubber stamp face. After I did it, I decided that the paper was too white, so I gave it a coffee wash. Coffee won't bother crayon at all. Anyway, after I did all that to the background, I didn't want to cover it up, and I wanted to use my new pearlescent EP, So I embossed directly into the background. a little gold chop in the corner seemed to be all that was needed to complete the piece.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

Ok I gotta get some ATC's in the mail to swap so I can get these beauties. I love that rubber rubbing one ..
and betcha it is even prettier in person with the pearly ep.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Both are beatiful- I love both- I hope I get one of each in the should have a few of mine yet....... I really think the coffee dying looks fabulous!