Wired bracelet

I was sorting out my beads yesterday, looking to see what I could use to make my entries for the county fair this year; I thought I'd whip up a little something while I had everything out. I also had a 3 in 1 wire tool I had picked up recently, and decided to give it a test run while I was at it.

I want to say right off that the 3 in 1 tool was a huge waste of money. It did none of the three things it was supposed to do very well because the other two functions kept getting in the way. I do not recommend a tool like this, no matter how hugely inconvenient it is to keep swapping tools (which is why I bought it).

The thing that distinguishes this multistrand bracelet from others like it is that there is 24 gauge wire in the whole piece, rather than thin beading wire or cord. This was nice because I didn't need to use a needle, and it is firm enough to rest well on the wrist. The single large bead adds weight to the clasp side so that the strands stay on the outside. The only thing that I don't like about the bracelet is the rough wirework - the hook is lumpy, and the winding is crooked, and there are barbs sticking out - these are all problems with the wire tool I was using. I will try to fix it with my other tools, but I expect that I will need to make a better one for the fair.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

Well despite all your negatives, I think this is very pretty. I just bought some seed beads yesterday, we must be thinking alike again. Only YOU DO something and I only collect supplies.
Maybe you should do a collection for the fair!

Shelly Schmidt said...

I think your bracelet is lovely- love the colors and the multiple strands of beads. I have never heard of a three in one tool, but if I see one, I will know it is a waste of my time! TFS

Shar said...

Gorgeous bracelet! I love your great colors!

Vicky said...

nice colors Juliet. I hate when you buy something and it doesn't work...tigertail wire and crimps can hide the end of the wire :) just a thought. are you selling or is it a contest/judging? good luck with the fair . keep us posted.