Fairly Successful

As I promised, here are scans of the items that won ribbons at the county fair, along with their categories.

Necklace - Wire/Metal

The necklace above was made by crocheting wire with beads and the charms I received from last years charm swap.

Necklace - Multistrand

As I was pulling the item out of the bag to scan it, I noticed that one of the judges wrote a lovely note on the back, praising my colors and organic design, but pointing out that it would look more finished if I had capped the ends before I attached the clasp. This is why I enter things in the fair - anyone will say nice things about stuf posted on my blog, but the fair judges will not only let me know truthfully how my work compares with others, but make me a better craftsman. I now wish I had all the other crocheted necklaces I've made back so I could refinish them.

Handmade Book:

Elena taught us how to bind books at The Keys 4 Art retreat I attended this past spring. The cover of the book I made myself with paint and gesso and some collage bits on red rosin paper. The pages are red rosin paper, too. The book is blank inside - I still haven't figured out what I want to put in there. I will say that this book beat out quite a few other books, many of them completely filled, but mine was the only traditional binding.

Stationery set:

I made this at a workshop, so I can't really take any credit for designing it. All products are CTMH.

Necklace and ATC:

The beaded necklace is done in a pattern of my own design. It and the ATC have both been featured on my blog before. Competition was pretty stiff in these categories.

I had three other items entered, in Greeting Card, Bracelet, and Jewelry Set, but I readily concede that there were better items that won. I was a little embarrassed about my card - I thought I had a good one in my stash, but apparently, I mailed away all my best cards. I will know better for next year - either hold back a good one for the fair, or make one especially for the fair.

If you are thinking that you make things that are just as nice or better than mine, why not enter them in your local fair?

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

Congratulations on your ribbons. It is nice to know that you were compared with other artists and found to be the best! However, I always knew I liked your art - and even without a cap on the end, that crocheted necklace is gorgeous.

Vicky said...

very nice :) and congrats Juliet. I love the necklace that is in the pix with the atc . The charm one is beautiful :)

di said...

Beautiful - and I do recognize one of the charms on the necklace :)
Great work as always. Di

Elena said...

Wow Juliet! Congrats!! I am so proud that I have one of those!!!! LOL!!!

Susan said...

WONDERFUL creative and lovely items! CONGRATS. I see my black/red rose on your first necklace. :)

How on earth did you bind the book? and also how do you crochet wire? is it uncomfortable on the skin, to wear?
I am kind of sensitive(like earrings, have to be real gold or ss hoops or posts and backs)

Congrats again Juliet...well deserved!

Paula Graves said...

awesome work!!!!!!!

Valerie Brincheck said...

The collection of charms looks wonderful on the crocheted wire. (I think the wire ends look just fine.) I'm so glad to have one of your award winning creations for my own.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Wonderful collection of artwork- I know you are talented already- Congrats on all of your ribbons. I LOVE all of your great charms! I think the necklace is fine without a cap- looks great either way.

Shar B said...

These are all so pretty! Congrats on all your fab ribbons! Well deserved!