More Drawing Lab

One of the assignments I'm working on right now with Drawing Lab is the one where I have to draw EVERYBODY. The lesson recommends using index cards and a pen - we are supposed to be drawing by feel, without looking to much at our subjects, and our subjects are not supposed to be posing - we are supposed to draw them as they move.

There is a coffeeshop method, where you sit in a public place and watch people eat and draw them, but I'm too lazy for that. I just turned on my tv and drew the people there. You have to be careful not to pick a show where everyone is deliberately beautiful, because then your pictures don't look like people in particular, but comic book images. I watched and drew Twilight Zone people.

One of them is Martin Landau, not that you could tell, and another I think in Mariette Hartley, but none of them look quite like those people.

Drawing old, wrinkly, bald people is fun!

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

You could draw me with a hat if you love drawing old wrinkly bald people. I LOVE your drawings.

Shelly Schmidt said...

You are very good- I see the expression in the eyes in many of your face drawings- I could never in a million years do faces and eyes!