Creative Journey (lost along the way)

An internet buddy in the UK, Ali, invited me to play in her swap - 4 by 6 inch art journal pages.  We were to prepare the heavy cardboard pages with a background, and then we were given 10 prompts to embellish the page.

1 add some red, blue or gold to your backgrounds..any way you like

2 add either buttons, ribbon or lace

3 add some background stamping either text,a pattern or a flourish

4 Add a vintage image either , people, a child or a flower.

5 add some texture to your art, or an inchie or 3d embossing

6 add a postage stamp or a mini postcard, or tags

7 add metallic paper, a metal button or a metal charm

8 add a quote, a word or a number

9 add glitter, beads or gems

10 add a die cut or punched shape,fibers, or do some pen work i.e. doodles or journalling..

This is what I finally ended up with:

These are two of the seven pages I prepared - one to keep and 6 to swap.  They are all basically the same - each of the players will only get one.

I have to admit that I am hugely dissatisfied with these pages - I don't think they are at all attractive.  Maybe I didn't understand how to apply the prompts.  I trust you, my faithful readers - look at them and tell me how to fix this mess.  Keep in mind that everything is heavily glued with tacky glue to survive international posting.  I doubt that anything is going to come off easily.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

WEll did you get the prompts all at once, or one at a time and do them sequentially? Your composition is really pleasant and the eye just goes wandering about seeing nice contrasts and colors. They do seem to be a bit of a random collection of stuff kind of like a kitchen drawer. I bet when they all are together they will be fantastic since each prompt will be repeated in each page. You are VERY hard on yourself you know ...

Alice said...

I think you did a fine job with the promts. I think you are bothered by the bright blue ribbon across the card. At least the scan shows it quite bright and it challenges the rest of the quiet, vintage additions. But, again I would love to receive one so that should say it all.