Ndebele stitch

I have wanted to try the Ndebele (herringbone) stitch for a long time, but I couldn't find a tutorial that explained what happens after the first four rows.  Then I found a tutorial that was a lot less tightly woven but easy to understand.  I thought I would give it a try with some cheap beads that I had bought at Michaels, and after a dozen or so rows, understood what I was missing in the other tutorials.  I worked it tighter and tighter as I went, and finally brought it around to see if I could invisibly join the ends.  The pattern doesn't naturally twist, I just thought I would throw that in with the rest of the experimentation.
The packet of beads I was using had five colors, and since I only used three for this bracelet (too small for adults, only 6 inches around on the inside); then I tried it again with just using two colors.
I like the width of this one.  It might be good for a rope necklace.  I don't know why I'm making these tiny bangle bracelets that no one can wear.

I want to figure all all the complexities of this stitch before I break into the new stash of crystals I bought yesterday at the bead expo.  I will also say that this stitch eats your thread like crazy.

I also saw two other patterns at the expo that I want to try - tubular netting with inset pearls, and the Russian spiral.  I also picked up some fun lampwork beads, and a packet of tila beads (thanks, Jeannie!).

Yes, going to the bead expo does mean that I will be doing a bit more jewelry before I make more cards.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

Could it hang on the end of a necklace? Could you add a clip to use it as a key chain? What about using a fancy short chop stick and putting it in your hair?

Shelly Schmidt said...

Oh how pretty- I really like the look of the two colored twist- you make the coolest beaded projects! I imagine kids could wear this as a bracelet- or someone super tiny!

Erum Tasneem said...

Lovely creations Juliet! LOVE the colours on both, the second one is looking great!

Unknown said...

They are very pretty! My favourite is the second. Something about green and orange that's just earthy.