County Fair 2011

I've been putting off posting these mostly because I hate getting photos out of the camera.  However, I did very well at my county fair this year.  For those unfamiliar with the rules, a person can only enter one item in each category.  For adults, there is only one first (blue), second (red), and third (white) place awarded in each category, and yes, there are plenty of nice pieces that don't win anything.  This year, I placed in every category that I entered.  Almost everything here has been featured on my blog before, so I'm not worried about showing them to their best advantage here, I'm just letting you know how they did.
Actually, I did this painting a little over a year ago, but my daughter has been hanging it in her apartment until early this month - she is living in the dorm now and can't have it on her wall.  My son wants it for his apartment, but I did want to get it into the fair, so he was willing to wait a couple of weeks for it.  There are tons of painting entries at our fair, but 90% of them are dog portraits or landscapes.
Blue ribbons for earrings, jewelry set, and wirework.  I knew my wireworked necklace was fab, so I wasn't surprised there, but the other two - the earrings were simple dangles using the fair trade paper beads for Ethiopia.  They were not as elaborate or glamourous as the other earring entries, but I might be the same thing as with the painting; the judges were happy to see something different.  The jewelry set was not really a set.  It was my red rope necklace, and some completely unrelated earrings that I had made with some of the same red beads.
I knew my ATC should win, because it was probably the best ATC I have ever made.  I keep forgetting that the winning card is always a fancy fold card.  I should be glad I got second place for my basic Tim Holtz style card.  Some of you may recognize the the card with the deer and the tree, and know that I didn't design it.  I made it at a shoebox swap.  However, the card category was "card made from a kit" and I think it qualified.  It was a cute card.  I feel a little guilty about the Maccabee basket - certain family members were quick to remind me that my sister did the coloring, and my son thought up the basket shape, so really, I guess they were the real winners.

So, that was how I did at the county fair.  One of these days I'm going to enter the state fair.

Juliet Arrighi


Linda Wescott said...

Well done with all that, such lovely recognition of your achievements ...look forward to hearing you enter the state fair. Hugs lin

Myrna said...

Congratulations on all the ribbons. I am sure if you enter the state fair you will do wonderfully well.
They are all so gorgeous.

Shelly Schmidt said...

You are very talented and well deserving of all of these great ribbons- Yep, I agree- the State Fair would be a great challenge for you too. I love that painting- after it goes through all of the kids, I would be happy to have it on my wall for a year : )

Niki said...

Congrats on the ribbons. Your jewelry is wonderful. It's been fun to see the projects develop over the year, then find out they won at the fair. The red rope necklace and the blue heart are two of my favorites.

Thanks for sharing your talent. You're inspiring.


Beach Cat ! said...

Yep ... you do deserve the blue ribbon. And I can see their point on the fancy fold stuff, they have to appeal to the masses, not to the people with artistic taste who would prefer a Tim Holtz style card,
I love your painting, can see why son would want it.