Mini-ring necklace

So, I attempted the Right Angle Weave with the mini (3mm) jump rings.  The result is a little messy, but I'm wearing it.
I used black curling ribbon as the cord.  It is very strong and very thin, and expands to fill the hole, so it is perfect for threading big hole beads like pony beads, and it keeps the rings puffy in this necklace for the most part.  I just think it isn't a good design.  The RAW doesn't provide enough direction for the beads(rings) this way.  I may just chop it up and start over with some other design, but not until I think of one.  I'd rather have a complete mediocre necklace in my jewelry stash than unused findings in my beading stash.  I have no qualms about cutting up a project to make something else.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

I think it is a great idea to wear it for awhile and then cut it up ... or if you want to wear it for awhile and then send it to me, that is ok too! My first 2 days of school I wore handmade jewelry by YOU and the kids commented on it both days. The bracelet added quite a touch of elegance to my first day black trousers and black T shirt -- and the bright blue beads looked great on Thursday. ( light gray shirt, dark gray trousers.) Funny how I plan my wardrobe around the jewelry I am going to wear. Betcha you can even guess what I am wearing to school this Thursday!

Vicky said...

wow...this has lots of texture , looks cool to me :)

clydin said...

looks nice kudos, I dont think i have the patience for something like this