Xmas shoebox swap

We did a Christmas-themed shoebox swap this time, and our little group has grown to 7 members, so we were instructed to not make the cards too complicated.  Here are the cards - can you guess which one was the one I designed?  (people who were in attendance are not allowed to play)

This is such a great group of ladies!

You will know which one is mine the next time I post - because my next card is one made from leftover scraps from the shoebox.
Juliet Arrighi


Niki said...

For the shoebox swap in my group, we "try" to limit the time to make a card to 10 minutes each. That's hard for me, seems like my cards always end up with too many steps or difficult stuff to keep under 10 minutes. We also have a couple of slower stampers. We have resorted to using a timer to remind us to move from one card to the next, so everyone gets to make each card.

You all did a great job with these swap cards!

Beach Cat ! said...

Ok since I am reading this in reverse, I have an advantage ... but I can tell which one is yours!