Ravens Spirit

Yesterday was very busy for me - not only did I host a Superbowl party, but I had a construction crew coming in today to demolish my kitchen and family room.  However, I did find a minute for crafting.
I did root for the Ravens, but not because of any strong feeling about football.  First of all, Baltimore is only 2 hours away, so it is almost a hometown team.  Second, Ravens!  Edgar Alan Poe!  What a cool reason to pick a mascot.  Third, Purple and black is about half my wardrobe, is it was easy to dress in the right colors.
However, I felt I needed a little something more than just purple and black, so I decided to make a bit of Ravens jewelry.
Not a great photo of the pin, or my purple shirt, but I will tell you how I did it.  First, I found a picture of the Ravens logo and printed it out, on a scrap piece a paper.  It fit nicely inside an oval punch, so I punched it, and I also punched a couple of ovals out of an old cereal box, and glued all the layers together with PPA.  After it dried, I put a little leafing pen around the edge (not very neatly, I fear), and attached on a pin back (I used glue dots, but if it were jewelry I wanted to wear a lot, I would have used red tape).  It was so fast and easy!

Juliet Arrighi


Vicky said...

That is such a nice idea :) nice pin and so clever :)

Shelly Schmidt said...

Awesome pin- you had to be so happy with the end results of the game. I was not caring who won- but it got a little nerve racking at the end of it....!