Marbled Bookmarks

earlier this week I went to the thrift shop, and among my purchases was a children's paper marbling kit.  I have no idea what the original value of the kit was, or how old it might be, but I picked it up for only 99 cents.  Today I played with it, and I think I got 99 cents worth of fun out of it.

In the kit were 5 different colors of ink in dropper bottles.  The instructions directed me to make a salt water solution upon which to float drops of the ink.  The ink behaved strangely - I couldn't tell if that was part of the nature of this ink, or if it had become clumpy over time.  It did float, as  one might expect, but it didn't swirl like I thought it should.  The bold primary colors were not particularly appealing, either.

The kit also included the bases for some projects that the marbled papers could be used.  Among them were bookmark blanks.  Since the bookmarks were longer ( 8 x 2 inches) than the pieces of paper that I marbled, I decided to cut up the paper and piece it onto the bookmarks.

The ribbons came in the kit.  There were blanks for cards and gift tags, too.  I think I definitely got my money's worth here, even if it didn't feel like a true marbling experience.  I also have enough ink left over that I could make even more, if I wanted to.
Juliet Arrighi


Myrna said...

You really did get your monies worth. These are real cute.

Shelly Schmidt said...

You definitely got your money worth on this kit!!! Great bookmarks- love the marbling colors!

Vicky said...

What fun being a kid again :) Remember the loop pot holder loom ?:)