Bra hat

I haven't made a lot of cards lately, but I did make this hat:
It's a terrible photo of me - I suppose I could have put on a bit of lipstick or something.  The hat is made from a brassiere.  I need it for an event I am attending this weekend - everyone will be wearing bra hats for Sunday brunch.  These are the sort of ladies I am hanging with these days.

Juliet Arrighi


Myrna said...

Great Hat !!
Nothing wrong with the pic.
Sounds like the kind of ladies you are hanging out with are a whole lot of fun.

Leslie Hanna said...

Bra hats are a thing?!?!?! Who knew? Well, you guys did, but ... I need to get out more.

Shelly Schmidt said...

How fun- I would love to see more of the bra hats the ladies create- Loving this with the jewels and the feathers. Looks like you have - not only creative friends- but adventurous as well!

Dawn Lancaster said...

What a great hat Juliet! It's a super photo too! Looks like you're hanging out wiith some fun ladies these days!
Dawn xx


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