Shuffled Cards - May 2016 kit - Part 2

Here is the next card in my Shuffled Cards kit for Treasure Box.  It's nearly a 6x6.

The card bases that I bought (with matching envelopes) are 5 x 6 1/2, so a little adjustment was needed.

This was an opportunity to break out my crimper, which hadn't seen action in years.  I thought this was a fun treatment for the sentiment, too.   I'm really enjoying the pen work, but I realize that the cards could also be cute without it.  Today I used a sharpie, which gives a heavier line, but the border technique is pretty foolproof - you could get it to work with almost any pen and it would look great.

I especially like the little bee - I might have to make a bunch of those for my Rosh Hashanah cards.


Shelly Schmidt said...

Loving this card- very nice shape on shape effect- love the crimped look, and the sharpie effect is great. So great to see you blogging : ) I am hoping we will meet some day in the future- Stephi is going to George Mason!!! Heading to Va to drop her off in August.

Myrna said...

Great to see you in action again. I love what you have done here. I was gifted a crimper but haven't used it yet. I am being lazy and only making a card when I have to. However lately I feel the stirrings of doing a couple more. lol
I did comment via my phone but perhaps it doesn't attach to your blog. Who knows about cyber space? Not me.