Last Treasure Box cards from the May 2016 kit.

So much going on in my life!  However, I need to complete at least 3 cards a week to justify my Treasure Box Shuffled Cards membership, so I knocked out the last 3 of the set this week.  The background paper is from  Fancy Pants designs, and has a nice woven texture to it.  I love that I got paper from three different companies in this one kit.

The ice cream card didn't come with a sentiment, but I just bought the word die, so I thought I'd pop it in there.  I lost the  "hello" sentiment (it was on vellum, and it's still lost in the pile on my desk), but it was printed in a handwriting font, so I just handwrote a new one on a scrap of cardboard.  I'm not that huge a fan of vellum, anyway.

So, what did I need that didn't come in the kit?  An ultrafine marker for the pen work, a white pen, adhesives including pop dots and vellum tape, a crop-o-dile (or other eyelet setting gear), a crimper (but any type of dry embossing would work just as well), and inks for edging.  I tried both distress inks applied with a sponge, and markers, and both would work equally well.  If you are already a card-maker or a scrapbooker, you probably have everything you would need, and if you aren't, the tools you would need to buy are the most common and popular tools that are out there - it would be a good investment if you wanted to make a habit of it.


Diana E. said...


Myrna said...

I love the button cherry on top of the ice cream cone.
You have more patience than I do or whatever it takes to do card kits.
Right at the moment (and for months ) my card making has come to an almost dead stop. Just doing the immediate ones that I need for birthdays, etc.. Hope I get my act together in the winter time.
Hoping all is well in your life.

p.s. I smile every time I go to publish the comment at the sign, "I'm not a robot". Some days I feel like one. lol

Shelly Schmidt said...

Very fun cards from your kit- lots of great variety. I love the ice cream one- I cannot have ice cream, do love the sentiment dream- I dream one day I can eat some without having issues! LOL I do not think I have ever purchased a card kit- it looks like a great investment- will you get a new kit each month???