Mary Engelbreit teapots

They sell little chipboard shape books at Michaels in various themes, and Valerie saw the teapots and thought they would be great for a Mary Engelbreit swap. Valerie is the queen of punchart, and taught everyone how to make the largely geometric motifs that Mary Engelbreit uses with punches, but after looking at a multitude of samples, I decided to paint mine.

Let's just say that my hands are not as steady as Mary's. I will say that making these teapots was a lot like zentangle (repetitive patterns) and zetti (fill every open space with stuff), and that it was a lot of fun trying out this style. I hope the other people in the swap will consider my painted teapots to be as good as their punched ones. Punching gives you very clean lines, but painting gives a certain depth of color, I think.

Juliet Arrighi


Susan said...

Great job Juliet!!
Thanks for sharing them with us :)

Chris said...

I love your teapots Juliet. They are so cool, I don't know how you'll part with any of them!

Vicky said...

those are very pretty . and so much more work than punching :) do you have to prepare them before painting?