Playing with paint

I vividly remember making this piece, but I forgot about all the photos Val took until I read about it on her blog. The colors are deeper and more intense in real life(for some reason, all the metallics turned out muddy in the pic), but you get the idea.

Also in this photo you can see glimpses of my "Keys 4 Art" t-shirt, a crocheted necklace similar to the ones I made for everyone else, and a Tim Holtz apron (part of our excellent swag). there are more photos and a brief description of the process on Val's blog.

Juliet Arrighi


Vicky said...

nice collage :)

di said...

looks like you had great fun - I told Elena I want to come next year!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Beautiful work! I love looking at collage- I am not to good at creating it- everything is not nice and neat to my eye...... What will you make with this piece???