School Spirit necklace

The school colors of the local high school are blue and green.  my neighbor, who has a high schooler too, asked me about a necklace in the school colors that she could wear as a band booster.  This is what I came up with yesterday:

It improves on other necklaces I've made in that it has a slight curve to it, so it lies comfortably on the collarbone without folding over.  I'm worried it might be a little prissy, though.  I will try some other designs, though.  After all, whatever she doesn't wear, I can!

Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

Very pretty Juliet- I love seeing your bead work! TFS

Vicky said...

very nice Juliet, nice colors too .easy to fasten with the magnetic barrel .

Beach Cat ! said...

I think it is gorgeous. I love jewelry. I seldom put it on in the morning but I sure love to look at it!