Rose Hip

Last year I made a stab at art journaling with Milliande.  I wasn't planning on doing that series again, but the prompt for the first day showed up in my inbox yesterday, and I got sucked in.  The theme this year is "Seeds of Creativity", and the prompt for yesterday is "be the seed".  Don't ask me why, but rose hips immediately popped into my head.  It is a negative thought (negative thoughts were the reason I dropped out last year).   I didn't want to lock my negative thought into a journal, so I did a little ATC instead.
 Roses don't really propagate through their seeds; they are a plant for cutting.  The first time I saw rose hips on a rose, I thought they were tumors, and that the plant was diseased.  It might as well be.  The petals are gone, and the plant is a mess. Rose hips are good for their vitamin C, so they are more for eating rather than planting.  I guess the critters in my yard will enjoy them.

I feel like a rose hip.  I am a swollen, ugly thing, the remnant of lost beauty, just waiting to be devoured.
Juliet Arrighi


Chris said...

hmmmm...I actually always have loved rosehips. I also think they have some health value to them (I have vitamin c with rosehips).

I LOVE this drawing you's fantastic. Think positive this 2012!!

Beach Cat ! said...

Hmmm. Feeling a little down, are we? I will say, I love to devour your art as inspiration so in that sense you are like a rose hip waiting to be devoured.