Milliande's prompt for today is to think of ourselves as a vessel for seeds of creativity, or something like that (I'm not deep enough to really get it, I think).  I experimented a little with using Copic markers over acrylic paint, which worked out well, and then I detailed it a bit with my Uniball micro.  I like how well the Uniball micro works over other media, and I especially like that it is waterproof, but it is not Copic proof.  using the Copic markers over the Uniball ink caused the ink to smear and the markers to pick up black.  Yuck! (Please learn from my mistakes!)  So I finished with ballpoint pens, which are pretty good, but dry slowly on things other than regular paper.
The woman on this ATC is up to her eyebrows in dirt, but in the dirt are nuggets of silver and gold.  She is able to see the good in her life and find inspiration to create.

These exercises are so therapeutic!
 Juliet Arrighi


Vicky said...

very imaginative , I really like this ..

Beach Cat ! said...

This is way cool. You are getting good with those copics!