More Pennants for Flag Month

You may recall that I was working on making a patriotic banner for what I like to think of as "Flag Month", which is the period of time that starts with Memorial Day and ends with Independence Day, and has Flag Day in the middle.  When we lived in Millington, Tennessee (aka Flag City), Flag Month is a big deal, and the whole city including the private homes would decorate like crazy.  Even the people who lived on my dead end street put buntings on their porches, and over half the homes had real flagpoles in their front yards, complete with spotlights, so that they wouldn't have to take down their flags at night.  My husband and I are fairly patriotic people, and we do have a flag on our home 365 days a year, and go to the cemetery on Memorial Day and participate in the parades, but even we were not ready for Flag Month in Millington.

But, I digress.  I was working on this banner for Flag Month, and wanted more pennants to flesh it out a little.  The let freedom ring stamp set from a•muse studio was perfect for what I wanted to do, and here are some of the pennants I made:
I kept them fairly clean looking to go with my first set.  The top left one uses the star from the set, heat embossed with silver.  I love the distressed look of the stars!  the top right one uses a word from that set heat embossed in blue, and I then used the vintage labels dies and stamp set to frame it.  The lower left pennant features stripes that I hand cut, topped with the new paper flowers from a•muse studio (because when you cut things freehand, sometimes you need to cover your mistakes).  You get a LOT of those flowers in a bag, and you can stamp or color them, but I liked them in white for this project.  The centers are flower brads that I heat embossed with the same blue EP I used for the words on the other pennants.  The one in the lower right has a stamped background from the let freedom ring set and the text is from that set, too.  There are several more great stamps in that set too - I will show you the pennants I make with them in another post.

Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

Love your pennants! THe stars and stripes are great- my fav is the last one on the bottom Right with the Three cheers sentiment.