Cloisonne Cat 5

One last cloisonne cat for the week.  This one I heat embossed in Black, then paint with Stargazers.  It's very shimmery in real life.

The background is a technique scrap - like Shelly and Hetty, I subscribe to the Technique Junkies newsletter, and Like Shelly, I have a bunch of backgrounds that I've made that I can't even remember the name of the technique any more.  I recall that it involved reworking scrapbook papers that I didn't like, by painting lightly over them and tearing them into strips.

About the key - I was walking to my crafting desk and saw this key right in the middle of the floor.  It is a shiny new brass key, and it had no key tag on it, so I have no idea what it is for or to whom it belongs.  No one is even home right now except me - the men are off at Boy Scout camp this week - so I have no idea how a strange key found its way onto my basement floor. I don't entertain down there.  If someone wants it, it is on this card now.

Juliet Arrighi


Heidi said...

Ha! I have mysterious keys also. I really like the background the cat is on. I'll have to check out Stargazers.

Myrna said...

Interesting background and what a great use for the mystery key.

Laura said...

I love the warm colors in your card and of course, the sweet Kitty Cat! Amazing how this key found it's way to you, so you could use it here! Great idea to use it on a card! Great background too! Thanks so much for the week filled with beautiful cards! Hugs, Laura

Hetty said...

Juliet, thank you so much for a wonderful week of beautiful cards and all your stories.
I just love the background of this card.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Wahoo- an amazing week of fabulous cards! Thanks for all of the inspiration- you know I LOVE shimmer and Sparkle- and LOVE it so much here. The colors are pretty- and the background technique adds alot to the card. Fun to imagine what the mystery key is for : )

Vicky said...

Juliet, loving the tiny bg that the cat is stamped on , awesome color too :)