Door decor

I'm going to the Black and Bling Infusion this weekend, and one of the activities  is a door decorating contest.  I don't care about winning so much as participating, so my roommate and I decided to make a door poster, using some of the ideas in Julie Nutting's Collage Couture, which is an excellent book of its type - you can follow her lead exactly and make a replica of one of her works, or change as much or as little as you like.  For example, she gives you detailed instructions for how to draw your own dolls, but also gives you patterns to copy if you want to go that way.

But, I digress.  Joyce and I had a fabulous time making and dressing our paper dolls:
to give you some idea of scale, the black backing is a full size poster board.  The theme this year is 1920's masquerade, if you were wondering about the masks and fashion choices.  These are really pretty close to what we are actually going to wear, and yes, Joyce is really that much smaller than I am.

Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

I LOVE this great poster!!! Have a great time- I have not jumped onboard to the craze- but LOVE to look at the designs and may have to cave......

Myrna said...

What a great poster.
Love your sense of fun.

Laura said...

Julie, I love your door poster!! I just borrowed Julie Nutting's Collage Couture! Love your rendition of the paper doll theme! I am not an artist, and so am very impressed when I see your wonderful creation! Thanks for sharing! hugs, Laura

Laura said...

Forgive me for my typo...Juliet!! (not Julie)!!!
hugs, Laura