Poe Arch

This is not so different from the Poe Heart that I did a little while ago.  I was still interested in the  technique, but wondered how it would look with more distressing.
Everything except the picture of Poe is stamped with the nevermore stamp set from amuse studio.  I love the varieties of text in this stamp set.  I'm certain that I can use the stacked books and clock in other projects that aren't so spooky.  In fact I could probably use the printed text as well, if I don't think anyone with read it closely (all the text is from the poem).  Red and green are usually Christmas colors, but here they look like blood and mold.  The gothic arch form is not my favorite to work with, but it seems right for this particular subject.

Juliet Arrighi


Myrna said...

You rocked it with this one. Great card.

Shelly Schmidt said...

WOW- this is amazing!!!

Borqna said...

I would love to see your new project for Edgar Allan Poe here:
Good luck!