Art journal, continued

Teesha Moore specific instructions after completing the main collage work are to pack up all your pens and markers and go to a coffee house to do your pen work. I didn't exactly go to a coffee house, but I did visit a friends house to drink coffee, and she cross-stitched while I doodled away.

This journal is not going to be finished any time soon - I spent about four hours on it today, and although I was seriously working the whole time, I felt like O got very little done. Teesha's method is to work a little on each page, and then jump around to another page. It does help, because your feelings about a page change when you move away from it for a while. Here are a couple of pages, neither of which is near completion. The first shows a little pen work - I was really struggling to connect the cat to the

I don't have a cat on every page, but I do seem to have a lot of animals in this book. When I was doodling on this page, this little rhyme came into my head, so I wrote it down before it could escape:

I like how this is evolving. It started off being very random, but it feels like there is a theme emerging.

Juliet Arrighi


froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh I like this Juliet!

Both are fantastic!
xxx Susi

Beth Norman said...

Holy catfish, these rock! You are doing Teesha's style perfectly. I really must try this out. I did the first step and watched all the videos.