vases - 2

I thought these would be an easy tutorial, but this was surprisingly difficult. The hardest part, and one of the aspects that made it interesting, was that Michelle Zindorf brayers on patterned paper instead of the usual Whisper white. I didn't have the pattern she did, but I didn't realize that would be a problem. The first try I threw away. How bad do you think it was if these are the ones I kept? I guess it's a good thing these are ATCs; it's hard to throw away bigger art.

Not only was the process of brayering ink on patterned paper a sticky point, there were other things I didn't like about the tutorial. Why was the bright part of the vase on the same side as the shadow? Were is the back lip of the vase? Why would you stamp something in solid black and then try to color it? I wandered off and did my own thing, but it was not an improvement. This will not be remembered as one of my favorites.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

Yeah, I found this one to be challenging too ... but I do like your take on it. Live and learn.
Who picked this one, anyway !!!