Flat Spiral Necklace

One of my RL friends invited me to join her at a free beading class in Fredericksburg.  I wasn't that interested in making the bracelet as shown on their website, an angular creation using various sizes of bicone Swarovski crystals, but I was curious enough to see if there was a tutorial for a flat spiral bracelet online somewhere.  I did find a diagram for one using round focal beads instead of bicones, and I immediately remembered that I had some large pink catseye beads that wanted to be used (Thank you, Danise!).

The flat spiral pattern is neither flat nor spiral, but it does look better laid out flat than twisted, which is probably why most people use it for a bracelet rather than a necklace.  I won't wear a bracelet that bulky, so I went as long as I could - I used up all my pink beads.  It sits right below my collarbone.  The clasp shown in the photo is just temporary for trying on purposes.  I didn't have a gold clasp on hand, but I will put one on as soon as I get one.

I do have some Swarovski crystals in my stash, I might have to try making the pattern again.  It's a lot easier than it looks; it is just a huge resource hog.

Juliet Arrighi


Shelly Schmidt said...

I enjoy beading, but need to take some classes- this looks great! You are multi-talented Juliet! I love the pink beads too!

Shar said...


Vicky said...

very pretty . love the purple :)

Danise said...

This necklace it beautiful!
Fit for a Queen.I will add a picture soon of the ones you made me on my blog.I'm still wearing the silver and blue one.Thank you I love em!