Moon Cakes

My husband came home from China last week with presents, of course. One of them was a gorgeous presentation box of moon cakes - He didn't care about the cakes, but he knew I would love the box. Layers and layers of gorgeous full color traditional chinese art on gold metallic textured cardboard - I could craft a hundred stunning cards with the ephemera I could carve from this one box. However, when I told him I was going to cut it up, he nearly had a heart attack. I was informed that I was to scan it for the art, not cut it. ????

So, here is a little gift from my scanner. This is an inner cardboard layer:

Click to enlarge. Perhaps it will be of value to you.

He did permit me to craft with the inner cellophane wrapper surrounding each cake, so I made a quick ATC:

The image is from a TAC stamp set.

I can't believe he is allowed to eat the moon cakes, but I can't cut the box.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

Gosh you haver your husband trained better than I do. Mine brought back a book of papercuts and then sat and SHOWED me how to turn the pages because the fellow at the Chinese store had shown him. You are right, it would be heart attack time if I tried to cut them up.
Now ... just what IS a mooncake?

Danise said...

Oh my yes that is a great picture!Thanks for sharing..I love orient and peacock feathers.It's going in my file.

Myrna said...

You lucky gal!!. Moon cakes and gorgeous pictures to boot. Love both.

Pat Bowman said...

OK, I have no idea what a moon cake is, but it must be yummy! You are right - no fair he gets to eat the moon cakes, but you can't cut up the box. What's up with that?