Where to find challenges

You may wonder where I find so many challenges to play.  Well, at first, I was searching for a design team to join, and I noticed that a lot of company sites had challenges, so I started playing them.  Then, I saw that my blogging buddies would play challenges, and I followed their links to play those same challenges.  However, Shelly plays in more challenges than anyone I ever saw, often applying one card to as many as a dozen different challenges! (keep in mind that multiple sites will often have the same challenge, because challenges are frequently season-related)  

I know how hard it is to keep up with a lot of different challenge blogs, so I asked her how she did it, and she sent me a link to Feline Playful.  The owner of that blog, Karen, was searching for a site that lists all the papercrafting challenge blogs, and in the absence of finding one, decided to create one.  Every day, she posts all the new challenges that are starting that day.

On top of all that she's offering this blog candy to bring new users (and possibly new challenge bloggers) to her site.  That's the frosting on the cake!

 Juliet Arrighi


Danise said...

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