Last of the Round Robin ATCs

I was in a round robin ATC swap, in which we each made 8 little kits full of goodies that the 4 other artists were to use to make ATCs for us (each person doing two for each other person).  Here are the ones that I did for Zhulia:
It is tricky to put any of oneself into a card when all the elements have been provided.  Zhulia is more of a jeweler than a papercrafter (she does everything, really); the round red bead on the first one and the safety pins on the second one swing freely.

Here are the ones I made for Alison:
Alison is the host of the swap, I hopes she likes what I've done.

Juliet Arrighi


Chris said...

This is real art! Love it. My blog disappeared this weekend - looks like it happened to quite a few others. :(

Vicky said...

wow , these are great with the supplies that you were sent to work with...I especially like the bottom right one :)

Unknown said...

I always have trouble thinking outside of the box to make an ATC like this- I love them all though- I love the top Lt one with the sewing and free hanging bead. Cool swap!

rush said...

sending and receiving the good stuff...priceless!