Rare sighting!

It's been over a decade since I was able to get a photo of myself with all four of my spawn.
(click to enlarge) From the left is my middle son, Gordon, who is in college now after serving 4 years in the Marine Corps, myself, my youngest, Ben, who is in high school, My oldest, Jesse, who is a Navy Seal, currently deployed in Afghanistan, and my daughter (third child), Sophie, attending VCU.

It isn't a great photo of any of us, but it is the only one where we were all looking at the camera.

Juliet Arrighi


Chris said...

Wowser! That's one good looking family Juliet!! It's really a great photo...everyone looks happy.

Beach Cat ! said...

What a beautiful group. You look so happy together. It is so rare to be able to capture a photo of all the adult children together.

Vicky said...

what a lovely family Juliet :) it's nice to have an updated photo every now and then. thanks for sharing.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Awesome picture, wonderful family picture- none of the family has their eyes closed or is making an awful face- you are lucky!