My round robin ATCs

You may recall that I have posted some ATCs that I made from kits that other artists sent to me.  Now I would like to show you what the other artists made with the kits I sent them.

You have to allow that I am a mean person who sends weird stuff, just to be annoying.  That the ATCs that I got back are as good as they are is a testimony to their skill, not my kits.

I made four each of two kits.  The first kit included a green painted background, tiny pewter star brads, a vellum tag with a silver frame, and assorted images from Lisa Vollrath.
The second kit had a coffee stained background, feathers, a gold heart charm, and an assortment of Lisa Vollrath/Harper's Bazaar images:
Anything else that you see on these cards is from the artist's own stash.   Some of these I think are really brilliant, and some I simply deserved.

What really surprised me was that the artists returned any leftovers that I sent.  I didn't do that - I kept what I didn't use (I added more from my own stash than I kept - it seemed only fair).  Were the bits really that bad?

Much Thanks to Alison Brandist, Zhulia Abrok, Virginia Bell, and Ragina Wells.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

What a fun project --- and I really like the results. How dull it would have been if you had sent some coordinated paper and brads. This was MUCH more fun

Vicky said...

wow! they did a great job with the items that were sent to them to work with :)

Barbara DeLisle said...

These are fantastic-love them.