Dad inchies

I'm still playing with my Melody Ross Chip Art tools - today I thought I would try inchies.  I didn't have square inch chipboard, so I used the next best thing - a double thickness of cereal box cardboard.  Just glue the coated sides together, and it will pass for chipboard in almost every way except edge on.

I used a slightly different coloring technique with these.  I painted them with espresso paint thinned a little with pink to lighten it and add texture.  I then inked in the embossed letters with an ink pen, then washed over it with an aquabrush to soften the ink and make it look more like tarnish.  It looks a lot like old metal in real life.

I still can't seem to get my letters straight, but I think it adds to the charm.  These are for a mingle, but I would do this again to make embellishments.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

These look like brass. Great coloring job. Again you are temptingme with those toys!

Vicky said...

cool idea for embellishments :)