not quite a honeycomb

Jeanie was nice enough to show me her beading blog, which was absolutely intoxicating with its eye candy.  I was particularly intrigued by her honeycomb weave bracelets, which I had never seen before.  I supposed that I could figure out how to do it - it looked a lot like a right angle weave, except with a honeycomb, it would have to be a 60 degree weave (don't you hate math geeks?).  I had some green E beads I had been wanting to use for a while, and some copper 11/0 beads, and started playing.
I noticed something right away when I started developing the honeycomb pattern - it liked twisting very much.  I also didn't like the waviness as much as I thought I would, so after I completed the length, I put a row of green on each side.  I like it a bit better this way.  I made my own closure from copper wire.

Juliet Arrighi


Jeanie Callaghan said...

I can't really recall which of my bracelets you are referring to! If you let me know the exact one, I can probably figure out how I did it. This did come out nice, though!

Beach Cat ! said...

I don't hate math geeks, I stand in total admiration of them. This bracelet is beautiful. It must be warm enough for you to be out back beading today! Let me know if you ever need to have my wrist size ... ha ha.

Michele Pacey said...

i know very little of beading or jewelry-making but i'm impressed by the fact that you made your own closure. if i did make jewelry, i'd like to be able to make my own bits and pieces like you do.

lovely green beads in this piece. definitely one of my favourite colours!

btw, it's so nice to see that photo of you in the sidebar. is it new, or am I just extremely slow to pick up on these things?