Recycled Christmas cards

My mother is collecting old Christmas cards from her friends, and creating new cards from them, selling them for a buck each.  She brought her stuff with her, and I have been having fun remaking these cards with her.  It is hard making something that is really different and not just pasting the old card front on a new base, but here are a few that I think came out well:

The worst part of the process for me is that all the cards have to have sentiments in them - I usually leave my cards blank inside for a handwritten note.  The other hard part is restraint - my mother insists that a dollar card can't be TOO nice - no metal embellishments, limited layering, stuff like that.  She isn't too happy about my use of ribbon, either.  Sometimes a grouse at her and tell her she can charge more if she wants, but mostly I try to do it her way.

Juliet Arrighi


Myrna said...

I think you both have done a marvelous job on the cards and inchies. I love the inchies, with their great bling.