Playing with bugle beads

I have a container of mixed red beads that I picked up at Walmart when they were downsizing their craft department.  I couldn't turn down 60 grams for only a buck and a half, but over a year later, I still hadn't used any of them.  I looked at the container and thought about why I was having a hard time getting inspired, and I decided it was the bugle beads.  I don't really like bugle beads.  They have sharp edges that will cut your thread, and their shape makes them awkward for most bead weaving.  I decided to challenge myself to use the bugle beads.
They made a nice strap woven with gold seed beads, and I quickly decided that I wanted to add a beaded bead with a beaded tassel as a focal point.  I had never done a beaded tassel before, but it seemed pretty straightforward, so I just sat down and played until I got one.
The fringe parts were easy, but i didn't know how to attach them at the top, so they are tied to an E bead, which is a problem.  I don't know how to attach the fringe without all the thread showing.

I skipped that problem by trying to remember how to make a beaded bead.  I finally gave up and went online, and found this video tutorial.  It looked like what I had in mind, so I whipped one up.
It's a nice little ball, about the size of a marble, but there is no clear way to attach anything to it.

What I have are three nice parts and no way to make them a whole.  Any ideas?
Juliet Arrighi