Skinny Bracelet

I just got a package of crystal bicones in the mail today, 1200 fire-glazed purple ones.  I had a thought that I could make a few bracelets as prizes for my Red Hat Bunco next month (we don't play for money, these are just small token prizes).  I love the colors that bounce off these beads!
I left it unfastened so you could see the loop with the button.  I really like the button as a closure.  I thought this pearly button looked great with the crystal iris seed beads.  When it is fastened, you don't see the loop at all.

The pattern for this can be found here at Deborah Roberti's site.  She has a lot of good patterns for basic jewelry, and sells patterns for more elaborate pieces.  I don't really care for a wide cuff bracelet most of the time; a skinny one like this suits me fine.  A bracelet like this is very economical, too.  100 bicones  and even fewer seed beads are enough to fit most wrists, so it could be made with leftovers from a larger project, too.

This isn't very different than the pattern I use for my tennis bracelet, except I use seed beads along the whole side instead of bicones.  I knew I couldn't be the first person to think of arranging beads this way.

Juliet Arrighi


Michele Pacey said...

Just gorgeous Juliet! Love the colours bouncing off this sweet bracelet. And the button closure? Simple and elegant. Perfect for the bracelet!

Shelly Schmidt said...

What pretty colors this is- I have not beaded in ages.......I really think the button loop and the button closure is quite elegant!

Myrna said...

This is such a lovely piece.

Beach Cat ! said...

This is a very pretty design. I am curious, is it hard to get on and off with a button?