Red tennis bracelet

I was looking at my stash and saw that I had a single strand of red bicones.  I counted them - 80.  80 isn't enough for a lot of things, but it is enough for a tennis bracelet.  I thought I would try it with the crystal iris beads instead of gold ones, and found that since the gold ones are a little smaller than the crystal iris ones (11/0 instead of 10/0 - if you are a beader, you know what that means), I wasn't using as many bicones as I thought, and wove my row with only 36 red bicones, leaving me with enough for another bracelet.  As I was weaving, though, it occurred to me that the button I was planning on using  was a little wide for the bracelet - could I make the bracelet twice as wide?
Yes!  It was surprisingly easy to add another row down the side.  It is a really good width for the button, too.  I think I might have to try this with the purple bicones, next.

It's kind of funny - I spent over 25 bucks at the bead expo just on fancy toggle clasps, and now my new favorite way to close a bracelet is a button.

Juliet Arrighi


Beach Cat ! said...

Button button, who's got the button ... well, you have some darn nice buttons my friend, and no wonder you like them in place of a toggle clasp. That is one fancy button on this pretty bracelet.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Beautiful bracelet- the button is very pretty. You are really on a beading frenzy! This will look great in purple too.

Niki said...

I really like the button closures, very elegant. I like the double rows on this one, the width balances well with the button.

Vicky said...

wow, so pretty the closure.