Gordon Approved

I went to a technique-based card workshop this week, and one of the techniques we did involved using colorwash spray (Splash, from a•muse studio) as a watercolor medium, poured out of the bottle and into a palette, applied with a brush.  This is the card (the graininess is glitter):
After I finished it, the demonstrator who was hosting the workshop came over and told me that I did it "wrong".  Apparently, I was supposed to do it on a provided piece of watercolor paper, not directly onto the card base.  She pointed out that with the addition of water, the color would probably soak through the paper.  I opened it up and saw that there was a little bit of color coming through, but not a lot, and filed it away as a lesson learned.

When I got home, I showed it to my 24yo son Gordon, and asked him if the little bit of color on the inside was a problem, or if it just made it more "homemade".  He looked at it, and told me that he had seen me make a lot of intricate cards with layers and fancy cutting, and that he would feel insulted to get a card from me that was just 5 stripes.


So, I cut the front off and reworked it into the following card.
I used glitter cardstock for the umbrella, and mounted it on a blue base.  Small changes, but they make all the difference, don't they?  Gordon likes this much better.

Juliet Arrighi


Myrna said...

Ouch!! They were both brutal but your save is great.

Abi said...

No such thing as wrong in the crafting world...merely a learning curve! I actually like them both but honestly I'd prefer to be given the original x

Shelly Schmidt said...

I love the addition of the umbrella- wonderful colorful card!