Trees in the windows

This was a hard technique to photograph.  Can you see what I did in this photo?
Other than the fact that I have stuff piled up on my counters, and a cat condo, and my son's bookbag on the floor, can you see what I did to the panes in my french door?

You may think I'm crazy for stamping on my windows, but really it's is very simple to do - I used acrylic matte medium, applied to the stamp with a brayer.  I don't know if you can see it well enough, but it looks like etched glass.  It isn't hard to remove, either - it will come off easily the next time I wash my windows, as the matte medium dissolves easily in water.

The cloisonne stamp is perfect for this technique, because of the bold lines.   What a quick and easy way to add a holiday touch to my home!
Juliet Arrighi


Heidi said...

What a fun idea -- it looks great!

SusanK said...

I used to mix up tempera paint and stamp on my front storm door all the time. I had a fall wreath full of leaves, snowflakes, winter items, etc. Washes off like a charm and never left any film or shadow behind. If my front door weren't so ornate now I'd do it again.

Myrna said...

Love what you have done with the windows. It really did look like etching until I read the post. lol