Bead for Life

I got a box of beads in the mail today - I ordered loose beads from Bead for Life, an extremely worthwhile organization that empowers women in Uganda by selling internationally what they make there, in particular beads rolled from old magazines. Recycling and helping fight third world poverty by purchasing craft supplies? How could I pass on that?

So, I played with my new beads:
First, I whipped up a pair of earrings.  One of the best things about paper beads is that they are so light!  These fun dangles don't weigh down my ears at all.  Next, I tried stringing a quick necklace on some wire.  It came together quickly, and has a fun summery look, I think.

Can I make rolled paper beads out of old magazines myself?  Sure, but at this moment in time, the idea of helping others by buying their beads outweighs whatever satisfaction I would get from making similar beads. I think it says a lot that when I bought Swarovski crystals, I shoved them away in a corner and didn't look at them for months, and then only brought them out to make things for others; but these beads, the minute I opened the box, I was making jewelry for myself.

Juliet Arrighi


SusanK said...

Love them! Am trying to get into making earrings such as these but need some inspiration...and help in figuring out how to do it. Great job!!!!!

Beach Cat ! said...

The beads are beautiful ... Much prettier than any magazine beads I ever made.. Very pretty project too.

Vicky said...

How pretty and bright. A win win situation Juliet. beautiful jewelry and helping others, way to go girl :)

rush said...

we got some of these beads, too. i like the double cone and the colors are fun.